VX2012 Videos


7:50 AM

• Welcome


• Given an Uncertain Landscape, Are Renewable Energy and Sustainability Beyond the Tipping Point?

8:45 AM

• Which Public Policies Are Providing the Best Growth Drivers of Clean Energy and Green Tech Markets?
• Distributed Energy in Practice: Connecting Grid, Technology, Consumer

9:35 AM

• California's Water
• Costs/Benefits of Reliance on Natural Gas to Power our Economies

10:30 AM

• Transmission, Grid Integration & Storage of Renewables
• California's Delta: Mapping an Action Plan
• Cars 2.0: Assessing California's Alternative Fuel Vehicle Marketplace
• Roadmaps to Net Zero Energy Buildings
• Impact Procurement and SME Opportunities: Procurement from Innovation-based Clean Tech Companies

11:20 AM

• Are Utility Tariffs Market Friendly for New Technologies?
• What Waste Water Technologies Are Leading Municipalities Adopting?
• E-Mobility  Technology & Infrastructure
• Project Finance in a Post-Stimulus World

12:05 PM

• California's Cap & Trade Creates a Carbon Market: Now What? California & Australia Go One Way, the United States, Another

1:30 PM

• Sustaining California's Pacesetting Leadership Role in Climate Change
• Green Projects by Design: Onsite Energy Efficiency

2:35 PM

• Technology Deployment for the Smart Grid & Storage
• Low Carbon Transportation - Public Policy, Operations and Investment
• Access to Capital Through Sustainable (ESG) Reporting
• The Place of Nuclear in our Energy Portfolios

3:25 PM

• Waste-to-Energy: Municipal Options
• Greening Ports, Logistics, Supply Chain
• Next Generation Transportation Fuels and Technologies
• Assessing 2012 Federal Renewable Energy Policies/Subsidies

4:25 PM

• Energy Efficiency & Green Infrastructure for the Built Environment
• Pricing and Trading Carbon
• Cleaner Ground Transportation - Fleets & Goods Movement
• Entering the US Market - How to Do Business in LA County. Presented by WTCA/LAEDC


8:00 AM

• Welcome: David Abel; LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky; LA City Councilmember Tom LaBonge

8:10 AM

• Global/Regional Models for Fostering Cleantech Innovation & Commercialization - Incubation and Tech Transfer (Toronto, Berlin & Globally)
• Advancing Green Building Through Codes, Mandates and Incentives

9:15 AM

• Commercialization of Technology - Incubation, Acceleration & Tech Transfer
• Show Me the Money: Financing Energy & Infrastructure Projects
• Green Build: Sustainable Campus and Eco District Design and Planning

10:20 AM

• Scaling Up Clean Tech Enterprises: Creating Regional Ecosystems that Support Green Growth
• Utility Scale Renewable Energy in California
• Assessing Clean Cities - Programs that Drive Sustainable Policies

11:15 AM

• GHG Offsets: Air District Perspectives and Collaboration
• The Nexus of Water and Energy: New Water Resource Management