CAPT F. Curtis Jones

Chief of Staff
U.S. Navy Region Southwest

A native of Binghamton, NY, Captain F. Curtis Jones graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology receiving a commission through the Navy Reserve Officer Training Cor­ps in 1989.

Afloat CAPT Jones has served as Damage Control Assistant, 1st Division Officer, STREAM Officer, and Main Propulsion Assistant onboard USS SANJOSE (AFS 7), commissioning Main Propulsion Assistant onboard USSBATAAN (LHD 5), and Engineer Officer onboard USS CLEVELAND (LPD 7). He served as Executive Officer onboard USS CORONADO (AGF 11), and commissioning Commanding Officer USS NEW YORK (LPD 21). Additionally, CAPT Jones has served in Afghanistan as part of JTF Paladin, Counter-Improved Explosive Device (C-IED) team. 

Ashore Captain Jones served initially as an Emergency Actions Officer and later as the Aide-de-Camp for the Deputy Commander, USSTRATCOM. He also served as amphibious command placement, surface commander assignmentand Deputy Director Surface Warfare Officer Distribution. He completed an assignment as Executive Assistant for Commander Navy Installations Command in the Fall of 2013, after which he took command of Naval Base San Diego. Currently serving as Chief of Staff for Navy Region Southwest.

Captain Jones earned a Master’s of Arts Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from Naval Postgraduate School.