February 2008

GreenXchange ’07: Governor Bill Richardson Calls for Strong Federal Leadership on Climate Change

Bill Richardson

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson speaks passionately about the disconnect between the federal government’s current global warming policies and the level of commitment it will take for the United States to become a global leader in the resolving this challenge.

LADWP’s James Caldwell: Siting,Transmission Present Obstacles for Robust Wind Portfolios

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Executive James Caldwell, Jr. explains how LADWP became a leader in developing and integrating wind power, and addresses the challenges currently facing public and private efforts to expand the global and U.S. energy market share of wind power.

Greenxchange: Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster Answers: 'What Public Policies Best Incent Renewable Energy?'

Mayor Foste

Mayor Bob Foster has worked with the California Energy Commission, Southern California Edison, and as the chief of staff for the California State Senate’s Energy Committee. Now, with jurisdiction over one of the nation’s largest port complexes, Mayor Foster is shaping policy at one of California’s most critical carbon hotspots.

‘The AB 32 Challenge’: Southern California Leadership Council/LAEDC Report Lists Implementation Options For Business Leaders

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation and its seven-county Southern California Leadership Council recently released a report entitled, “The AB 32 Challenge: Reducing California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions," including the following excerpts from the report’s introduction and a chapter entitled, “Business Principles for Implementing AB 32.”

Sea Change in Washington? Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Blumenauer Call for Rebuilding America With Greener Infrastructure

Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) unveils two resolutions calling for a new commitment to green infrastructure, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi explains the importance of ensuring that the United States grows green.