March/ April 2008

North American Jurisdictions Coalesce Around the Climate Registry's Carbon Reporting Standards

Diane Wittenberg

Diane Wittenberg, former president of the California Climate Action Registry and current executive director of the newly formed Climate Registry, explains the importance of the Climate Registry's emissions reporting program.

Los Angeles County Public Works Department Exploring State-of-the-Art ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Technology

Coby Skye

Having just completed Phase II of a report on waste-to-energy technology, L.A. County Department of Public Works Associate Civil Engineer Coby Skye describes the county's process to research and facilitate the development of this promising technology.

A Californian in Wales: Bob Hertzberg, G24i Chairman, Finds Green Pastures for Commercializing Flexible Thin-Film Solar

Bob Hertzberg

Former Speaker of the California State Assembly Bob Hertzberg discusses his Cardiff, Wales-based renewable energy company, which manufactures and commercializes flexible, thin-film solar as an alternative to batteries for powering electronics.

IWLA’s Patty Senecal Details Los Angeles, Long Beach Port Clean Truck Plans—Key Differences May Trigger Litigation

Patty Senecal

Patty Senecal explains important disparities in the Clean Trucks plans between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and how these disparities may delay the benefits of the ports’ Clean Air Action Plan.

RAND Releases Report: ‘Identifying and Reducing Climate Change Vulnerabilities in Water-Management Plans’

The RAND Corporation's recently released research brief, entitled “Identifying and Reducing Climate-Change Vulnerabilities in Water-Management Plans,” describes how California utilities can anticipate the effects of climate change to manage regional water supplies.