November 2007

California to Bush Administration: Stop Stalling! State Sues U.S. EPA Over Tailpipe Emissions Waiver

With the passage of AB 1493 in 2002, California became the country’s leader on climate change legislation. Since then, California has met stiff resistance to the implementation of AB 1493 from the U.S. EPA, which has delayed a waiver needed by the state to enforce the law’s stringent tailpipe emissions requirements.

Southern California's Metropolitan Water District Diversifies Supply Portfolio Amid Protracted Drought

Jeff Kightlinger
With the climate change discussion focusing largely on renewable energy, sustainable design, and transportation technology, it’s easy to forget that water is perhaps the most crucial issue when it comes to the effects of climate change. VerdeXchange News is pleased to present the following interview with Jeff Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District.

Traffic Doesn't Define City-Los Angeles Sets Green Standard for Urban Living in the United States

Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles provides an interesting case study for sustainable urban living—in such a vast and diverse city, solutions don’t come easily. Proving the sincerity of its sustainability efforts, L.A. recently approved a green building code to supplement ambitious smart growth practices, and the city’s efforts to promote recycling has led the nation for years.

Southern California Transportation Projects Need More Local, State, Federal Dollars

Roger Snoble

The L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has the daunting challenge of providing public transportation solutions for a region obsessed with the automobile. Added to the issues bred by such a stubborn cultural milieu are regional challenges such as the largest port complex in the country, poor air quality, and oscillating state funding for new projects.