Pacific Hydrogen Alliance to Speak at 2023 VerdeXchange Conference

LANCASTER, Calif., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The City of Lancaster announced that Mayor R. Rex Parris, along with Mayor Mitch Roth of the County of Hawai'i and Mayor Eiko Yoshida of Namie, Japan, are presenting together at the 2023 VerdeXchange Conference this week. This conference is a gathering of entrepreneurs, policymakers and leaders in clean and green tech, discussing how cities, states, and regions, in collaboration with public and private partners and community stakeholders, will leverage the $1.1 trillion in recent US infrastructure funding. Leveraged properly, this funding will optimize economic recovery, maximize transformational climate infrastructure investments, and accelerate the growth of the global clean energy economy.

Mayor R. Rex Parris, Mayor Eiko Yoshida, and Mayor Mitch Roth formalize the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance to promote sustainable energy solutions and hydrogen production as an alternative fuel source.

Mayor R. Rex Parris, Mayor Eiko Yoshida, and Mayor Mitch Roth formalize the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance to promote sustainable energy solutions and hydrogen production as an alternative fuel source.


"I am thrilled to share the stage with Mayor Roth and Mayor Yoshida to demonstrate the power of international and domestic partnerships in achieving net-zero emissions and carbon neutrality," said R. Rex Parris, mayor of the City of Lancaster. "At the conference, we will showcase how collaboration and innovative solutions can help small cities become leaders in sustainability. I would like to extend my thanks to Supervisor Barger for her unwavering support of the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance and her dedication to a sustainable future for our region."


During the conference, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger presented the mayors of the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance, which includes Mayor R. Rex Parris, Mayor Mitch Roth, and Mayor Eiko Yoshida, with a certificate of recognition for their leadership in promoting sustainable energy solutions. Supervisor Barger has been a strong supporter of the alliance and recognizes the importance of their work in achieving net-zero emissions and carbon neutrality. The certificate of recognition is a testament to the dedication and innovation of these three mayors, and their commitment to building sustainable communities and promoting clean energy solutions. Attendees can look forward to this special recognition of the mayors' achievements and contributions to the field of sustainability.

"The leadership and innovation that we are seeing from the City of Lancaster and Namie Town is remarkable and will extend well past the direct beneficiary of the project," said Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger. "Achieving net zero emissions and carbon neutrality are ambitious goals that require the exploration of many sustainable energy solutions and the production of clean hydrogen as an alternative fuel source is a very viable option. I look forward to seeing the evolution of this international and domestic partnership. It will yield important lessons learned that our local production and manufacturing entities can use as they explore adopting hydrogen as a fuel source to meet net zero goals. I am proud that the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles County are represented by Lancaster who is truly setting an example on sustainability for municipalities across the country."

"Through the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance, we are excited to work with our fellow municipalities in Lancaster and Hawai'i to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-based society," said Mayor Eiko Yoshida of Namie, Japan. "As a seaside town in Japan, we have seen the devastating effects of climate change firsthand. By sharing our experiences and expertise, we can collectively work towards a sustainable future for our communities and beyond. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Supervisor Barger for her support in bringing us together and facilitating this important dialogue."

"We are really pleased to be recognized by the County of Los Angeles here at the VerdeXchange conference," said Mayor Mitch Roth. "It is humbling to take part in this program that draws resources from around the world to improve the everyday lives of Hawai'i Island residents."

The Pacific Hydrogen Alliance is the first municipal hydrogen partnership in the world. It is important because it will lower energy costs, provide energy security and bridge California, Hawaii and Japan together with technology and solutions for decarbonization with hydrogen" said Lex Heslin, CEO of Enso Infrastructure and program manager of the alliance.

The joint presentation of these esteemed mayors is sure to be a highlight of the conference and will offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn from three experienced leaders in the field. Additionally, VerdeXchange events will include a recognition luncheon to highlight the three hydrogen city mayors and a mayor-led small group discussion focused on hydrogen cities and seizing opportunity within the energy transition moment.

About the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance

The Pacific Hydrogen Alliance is a partnership between the city of Lancaster, California; the town of Namie, Japan; and the County of Hawai'i, Hawaii. This unique alliance brings together three municipalities from diverse geographies, demographics, economic drivers, and levels of hydrogen deployment to share best practices and strategies on how to accelerate progress in hydrogen and fuel cells at the municipal level. The alliance aims to facilitate the deployment of clean hydrogen solutions by promoting knowledge sharing, networks, and strategies to transition to hydrogen as an energy solution. By connecting cities and communities around the world, the Pacific Hydrogen Alliance serves as a catalyst for fostering environmental justice, social equity, and clean energy jobs at the municipal level.

About the City of Lancaster, CA

Lancaster is a diverse community of nearly 170,000, leading the future through science, technology, art, culture, and collaboration. Home to astronauts, rocket scientists, families, and innovative businesses large and small, we are leading the USA with innovation. Combined with spectacular landscapes and clean air, Lancaster has the confidence, expertise, spirit, and imagination to transform tomorrow. We are: Creating a better tomorrow. Together. Visit us at

The City of Lancaster, California, was the first United States city to embrace hydrogen power, earning the moniker of the "First Hydrogen City." The City has engaged in numerous formal partnerships and agreements to harness the potential of clean hydrogen. Lancaster is jumpstarting hydrogen adoption throughout the Antelope Valley and southern California.

About Namie Town

Located on the coast of the Fukushima prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan, Namie Town aims to realize a sustainable hydrogen society while maximizing the potential of hydrogen and accomplishing reconstruction and development of the town after the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Namie Town has a population over 2,000 and specializes in the production of Obori Soma ware, seafood and Japanese Sake.

About the County of Hawai'i, Hawaii

The County of Hawai'i is part of the Hawaiian archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island is 4,028 square miles and has a 2020 Census population of slightly more than 200,000 residents. Primary economic drivers include the visitor industry, with future opportunities in renewable green energy, creative industries, agriculture, astronomy and elements of the care economy. Hawai'i Island hosts the annual "Super Bowl" of hula, the Merrie Monarch Festival, the IRONMAN World Championships, and major paddling and canoe championships. Home to the highest peaks in the Pacific, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea, is a major research and visitor attraction.

SOURCE City of Lancaster, California