Keith Lilley

Deputy Director
Los Angeles County Public Works
Keith Lilley is the Deputy Director of Los Angeles County Public Works Water Resources core service area.  Keith is responsible for managing the Los Angeles County Flood Control District and the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts.  He also oversees the County’s Safe, Clean Water Program and stormwater quality compliance efforts within the County unincorporated areas. 
With an annual budget of more than $3.6 billion and a workforce of 4,000 employees, Los Angeles County Public Works is the largest municipal public works agency in the United States, providing vital public infrastructure and civic services to more than 10 million people across a 4,000-square-mile service area. 
Keith has over 30 years of Public Works experience in developing and implementing programs and civil infrastructure projects to enhance the communities of Los Angeles County. 
Keith is a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of California.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Certificate in Engineering Management for Construction from the University of California, Los Angeles