Salim Youssefzadeh


I am CEO and Co-Founder of WattEV with a mission to speed up the transition of US trucking transport into zero emission faster than anyone could expect. We use a combination of business and technology innovation to create infrastructure and data driven workflow that provides truckers and fleet operators the lowest total cost of ownership.

Outside of WattEV, I founded Smarter Home and designed a device from the ground up to connect to a Vantage Legrand system with Siri and Alexa capability. The custom javascript runs on a Node JS server and reads the loads on a users vantage system. From there, commands over Siri or Alexa are translated into a TCP/IP command sent over the network. The iOS and Android app adds a simple plug and play setup for the user to add the device to their home network and get running. The project has been a great learning experience not just in the technical sense of learning new iOS and Android protocols over bluetooth and wifi but as well as on the management side and bringing up a startup from nothing to launch in a few months.

I spend my free time writing apps for iOS and Android and am an active private pilot with an instrument rating and over 300 hours of aeronautical experience in single engine aircrafts.

I graduated from UCLA (2011) with a BS in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Computer Science and a BS in Applied Mathematics and graduated Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2014) with a MS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. I am an avid skier, rock climber, and pilot, which has continuously pushed my limits and facilitated my problem-solving abilities. I look forward to the many new challenges and opportunities that each day presents.