Xiaoting Wang

Energy Specialist

Xiaoting Wang is an energy specialist in BloombergNEF. Xiaoting has been conducting research on Photovoltaic industry since 2012 and published more than 200 insight notes. Her research scope covers PV technologies along the value chain, from equipment manufacturing to project development with trackers and storage. After seven years focusing on solar, Xiaoting broadened her research scope to the hydrogen industry and published the report Hydrogen: The Economics of Production From Renewables.

Before joining BloombergNEF, Xiaoting worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center of Energy and Environmental Policy in University of Delaware, following a five-year Ph.D program at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Delaware. Xiaoting’s academic research spans a range of photovoltaic module research and development, performance measurement and modeling, and assessment of the value of high efficiency modules. A PV module developed by a team she led was confirmed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to have 36.7% efficiency and was cited in the Solar Cell Efficiency Tables (Version 35) of Progress in Photovoltaics as having: “probably the highest efficiency yet measured for the experimental conversion of sunlight to electricity by any means.” Xiaoting published 20 articles on international journals and books.

Xiaoting has a BA of Science in Optical Engineering from Zhejiang University in China, and a MSc in Electrical engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware in the US.