Sea Change in Washington? Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Blumenauer Call for Rebuilding America With Greener Infrastructure

Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) unveils two resolutions calling for a new commitment to green infrastructure, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi explains the importance of ensuring that the United States grows green.

California to Bush Administration: Stop Stalling! State Sues U.S. EPA Over Tailpipe Emissions Waiver

With the passage of AB 1493 in 2002, California became the country’s leader on climate change legislation. Since then, California has met stiff resistance to the implementation of AB 1493 from the U.S. EPA, which has delayed a waiver needed by the state to enforce the law’s stringent tailpipe emissions requirements.

California’s SB 375 Would Tie Local Planning Decisions to Transportation Funding

Senator DarrellSteinberg

It is no secret that reductions in carbon emissions will require a holistic effort relying heavily on smart land use and transportation. A new bill in the California State Senate, SB 375, would compel local planning agencies to make planning choices that reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).