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City of Long Beach Mayor and ISO Chair Bob Foster on California’s Energy Future without San Onofre


Southern California Edison recently decided to shut down the San Onofre nuclear power plant after trouble with faulty generators. VerdeXchange News consulted Long Beach Mayor, ISO Chair, and former SCE president Bob Foster on the impact the closure will have on energy supply in the Southland, and how the state plans to counter the impending power loss. Foster also talks demand response, California’s energy future (he thinks: renewables), and the revolutionary role storage technology will play in fostering a green energy grid. While San Onofre presents a challenge, Foster notes California’s energy agencies are more capable than ever of meeting such challenges together.

California Redefines Solar Net Metering, Restructures Residential Electricity Rates


Sanjay Ranchod is the Assistant General Counsel and Director of Policy and Electricity Markets at SolarCity, the nation’s largest full-service photovoltaic solar power provider for residential, commercial, and government customers. In this VerdeXchange interview, Ranchod discusses California Assembly Bill 327, recently passed by the state’s legislature and written to modernize electricity rates and remove restrictions on the state’s net metering program. Expected to be signed into law by Gov. Brown, the solar industry, most especially rooftop solar companies, have cheered the law’s passage while also preparing for the coming changes to state policy that will follow from the adoption of new regulations interpreting and applying AB 327.

President Obama & Governor Jerry Brown Both Tout & ‘Agendize’ Climate Change & Public Investment

Newly reelected President Barack Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown both began 2013 - the former in his Inaugural Address and the latter in his State of the State speech - by emphasizing the need for lawmakers to address the issue of climate change. And both also cite the need for critical infrastructure investment and mitigation efforts to act as part of a solution to control the symptoms of climate change. Project funding, ranging from high-speed rail to flood control, they assert, are key to reducing the amount of energy consumed from non-renewable sources of energy, limiting carbon footprints, and protecting posterity from future disasters; thereby creating newer, innovative green jobs and protecting jobs that already exist from being threatened by climate change.

One year Ago- Ron Nichols at VX2012: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Must Meet Renewables Obligations

One Year Ago: at the fifth VerdeXchange Conference in January, 2012, Ron Nichols, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, delivered remarks in the opening plenary, ‘Given an Uncertain Landscape, Is Renewable Energy and Sustainability Beyond the Tipping Point?’ Joining Nichols was Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President of the Western State Petroleum Association, Robert Hertzberg, Speaker Emeritus of the California Assembly. With Mr. Nichols on the agenda once again at VerdeXchange’s 6th Annual Conference, his comments last year provide a benchmark re the challenges the LADWP faces in meeting renewable energy mandates while struggling to keep rates even for customers.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Promotes and Manages Sustainable ‘Water, Wastewater, and Power’ Systems

Laura Spanjian

SFPUC Assistant General Manager Laura Spanjian presents a list of the SFPUC’s many ambitious programs to build efficiencies and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses from the use of water and power in the Bay Area.

Los Angeles County Public Works Department Exploring State-of-the-Art ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Technology

Coby Skye

Having just completed Phase II of a report on waste-to-energy technology, L.A. County Department of Public Works Associate Civil Engineer Coby Skye describes the county's process to research and facilitate the development of this promising technology.

A Californian in Wales: Bob Hertzberg, G24i Chairman, Finds Green Pastures for Commercializing Flexible Thin-Film Solar

Bob Hertzberg

Former Speaker of the California State Assembly Bob Hertzberg discusses his Cardiff, Wales-based renewable energy company, which manufactures and commercializes flexible, thin-film solar as an alternative to batteries for powering electronics.

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