Business Innovation in Practice: The Key to Unlocking Renewable Energy Projects

Mike Levin, Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Ener-Core
K.Y. Cheng, Director of Strategic Markets, East West Bank
David Prezioso, Chief Executive Officer, Ice Energy
Brian Kremer, Director of Cleantech Investment Banking, Roth Capital Partners
For so many clean energy companies, now is a critical time. Many companies have received capital to develop their technology and other funds to demonstrate it. Now, their customers are asking for the capital to deploy it. In his new book, Creating Climate Wealth, Jigar Shah, the founder of SunEdison, makes the argument that we have at our disposal right now the knowledge, technology, resources, and proven solutions to dramatically increase renewables as part of our energy supply. What is holding us back, he argues, is the reluctance of mainstream capital to invest in alternative energy projects. So, in addition to technology innovation, we need more business model and finance innovation. This expert panel will discuss the current state of renewable energy project finance, new innovations to help scale projects that cannot receive mainstream financing, and the proper role of government in the process.


Buisness Innovation in Practice