California and the West's Water Action Plans: Making Progress or Running in Place?

Bill Hasencamp, Manager, Colorado River Resources, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Chuck Cullom, Colorado River Programs Manager, Central Arizona Project
Coby Pellegrino, Colorado River Program Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority
The development of water supplies has allowed the Western United States to develop and grow over the last century. But as ever-increasing drought conditions grip the Western United States, cities need to get more creative to meet the water supply needs of the area’s growing populations. Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern California have implemented various programs, including cash for grass, seeding the clouds, paying farmers for idle farmland, and recycling water supplies—so that urban areas can supply more customers with less water. But even as these areas are stretching their water supplies, reservoirs throughout the west continue to drop to record low levels. Will there be enough water to meet the west’s future needs? Will the area continue to thrive, or will water shortages limit future growth?


California and the West's Water Action Plans