Connected Transportation: Working Toward a 'Car Lite' Los Angeles

Dan Sturges, Transport Designer, Project 100 | South Bay Cities Council of Government
Bill Rouse, General Manager, Yellow Cab of Los Angeles
Nat Gale, Manager, Mayor's Office of Transportation, City of Los Angeles 
David Grannis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Point C
Larry Pizzi, President, Currie Technologies
Damon Nagami, Senior Attorney, NRDC
Every car on the 405 could be an electric Tesla, and the freeway still would not be moving. Private companies and government agencies are learning to work with each other to create and foster smart, multimodal transportation that residents will swap a private car, a bus, a Jitney, and a taxi for. Once, the options were only Metro, Yellow Cab, and your bicycle. Today, Zipcar, Uber, and Lyft have joined in, with bike-sharing and other new, smart mobility services on their way. What are the challenges facing both the private transportation companies as well as government agencies if this bold mobility future is to advance and saturate LA’s grid with new integrated services? 


Connected Transportation