Disruptive Technologies for the Built Environment -- Empowering the Customer


Evan Birenbaum, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Chai Energy
Joseph Jankosky, Director of "IntelligentHome" New Verticals, Time Warner Cable
Ohad Zeira, Director of Product Management and Growth Platforms, Belkin
Steve Clemons, Director of Business Development, Zonoff
Jerry Callahan, Chief Executive Officer, ISI Technologies (Heatworks), Founder of Blue Rhino Gas
Cole Hershkowitz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Chai Energy

Industry "makers" come together to share their journey and a vision on the connected home. The panel discussion will dive deep into new technology developments that disrupt the status quo and empower customers to take back control of their home through home automation technologies, smart appliances and connected devices, and energy management systems. Who needs a smart thermostat when you can take control of your entire home?


Disruptive Technologies