Energy Recovery and Sustainable Waste Management


Pat Proano, Assistant Deputy Director of Environmental Programs, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Enrique Zaldivar, Director, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
Marie-Hélène Labrie, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem
Christian Felske, Technical Specialist in Environmental Research & Regulation, City of Edmonton
Julia Levin, Executive Director, BioEnergy Association of California

Recent developments in waste management have brought many jurisdictions closer to realizing a truly sustainable waste management system – one that maximizes recovery of materials currently sent to landfills in order to create new products, generate renewable energy, and even produce negative carbon fuel. New laws are further driving this shift in the waste management paradigm, creating both mandates and incentives to divert materials from the waste stream and place them back into the economic stream. With proper planning and the right structures, there are significant benefits to a more sustainable approach, including conservation of resources, reducing pollution, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, spurring economic development, and managing long-term costs. What do local solutions from around the world teach us about the challenges and promises of a sustainable waste management future? This new vision for the future is at the nexus of sustainability, climate change, renewable energy and waste management.


Energy Recovery and Sustainable Waste Management-VX