A Game Changer: New Battery Technologies

Jim Kelly, Former Senior VP, Southern California Edison
Atsushi Honzawa, Senior Engineer, Hitachi Ltd.
Erica He, Director, ICS/Sumitomo Electric Industries
Philippe Bouchard, Vice President of Business Development, Eos Energy Storage
Akira (Keith) Morise, Senior Manager, Toshiba
Battery technology is a major topic of interest these days, with a new announcement about “revolutionary” electrochemistry released almost weekly. Claims are being made, and governments around the world, as well as high-tech investors, are racing to capture the huge prize that is on the horizon. However, for the most part, the battery-based devices on the market today seem to still feature variations on 20 year-old lithium-ion chemistry. What’s the winning technology or set of technologies—and how soon will we get it?


A Game Changer New Battery Tech