How Technology and Competitive Drive Are Reinventing Mobility and the Urban Environment


Billie Greer, President, Southern California Leadership Council
Gabe Klein, Special Venture Partner, Fontinalis Partners
Bill Rouse, General Manager, Yellow Cab of Los Angeles
Jeff Chernick, Chief Executive Officer, RideAmigos
Eric Spiegelman, President, Los Angeles Taxicab Commission
Nat Gale, Transportation Manager, Mayor's Office of Transportation, City of Los Angeles

Our newfound technological advancements and competitive drive are elevated to a level with major impacts for urban and ground transportation. Here in Los Angeles, Taxi Commission documents show that in the first quarter of 2014, right after UberX (Uber’s low-cost service) began operating in Los Angeles, conventional taxi rides dropped by about twenty per cent. As these new platforms challenge current practices, outdated rules, and vested interests, how can planners, policymakers, and private companies develop safe products to deliver services to customers? How can we best use technology and innovative thinking to provide a user-friendly urban ground transportation system? What would such a system look like, if you were the designer? And is there a need for a new regulatory framework?


How Technology and Competitive Drive are Reinventing Mobility and the Urban Environement