New Financing Mechanisms and Initiatives to Accelerate Investment in Clean Energy Solutions

Matt Golden, Senior Energy Finance Consultant, EDF
Cisco DeVries, President and Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Funding
Brad Copithorne, Financial Policy Director, Environmental Defense Fund
Bob Hinkle, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, Metrus Energy
Deana Carrillo, Executive Director, California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority
New approaches are dramatically changing the investment markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Learn about the potential for innovative ideas currently being implemented, which promise to increase access to capital.  These include efforts to standardize the Energy Efficiency product offering, innovations in energy services company business models, and credit enhancement through PACE 2.0, On-Bill Repayment, and State Green Banks. As many of these systems go live and begin to reach scale in 2014, what impact will this have in the coming year and beyond?


New Financial Mechanisms