One Water -- The Challenge: Overcoming Chronic Barriers to More Reuse/ Recycling of Stormwater and Wastewater


Adel Hagekhalil, Assistant Director, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
Harlan KellyGeneral Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
George Hawkins, General Manager, DC Water and Sewer Authority
Jack Baylis, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Baylis Group
Timeyan Dafeta, Principal Engineer, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
Marty Adams, Water Systems Manager, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles is facing major challenges: drought conditions, climate change, stormwater pollution, water quality, lack of open space, aging infrastructure, limited funding, and many others. The combined last three years represent the third driest 3-year stretch on record for California, with 92 percent of the state suffering extreme drought. The drought has led Los Angeles to increase use of imported water to over 80 percent of total consumption. In order to address these challenges, we need to manage water as “one water” and implement innovative solutions that provide multi-benefits and leverage resources to do more with less. However, many barriers have to be overcome to realize this integrated vision of one water. This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing this "One Water Vision" and how to increase local water supply.


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