Ports & Their Greening


Stephen CheungDirector of International Trade, Port of Los Angeles
Hector De La Torre, Commissioner, California Air Resources Board
Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza, Environmental Policy Manager, Southern California Gas Company
Noel Hacegaba, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Long Beach

The San Pedro Bay Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the fifth busiest container seaports in the world, moving more than $260 billion in trade and close to 15 million TEUs per year. The ships, trucks, trains and other diesel-powered equipment and harbor craft at the ports are major sources of air pollution in a region that already has some of the worst air quality in the nation. To combat this issue, the San Pedro Bay Ports are working diligently to come up with effective tools and strategies to green and grow the ports. For example, the San Pedro Bay Ports, with the participation and cooperation of the U.S. EPA, CARB and SCAQMD, have developed the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP), the most comprehensive, far-reaching strategy to combat air pollution ever developed by any United States seaport. It involves hundreds of millions of dollars of investment by the ports and private sector businesses and expedites the introduction of new and innovative methods of reducing emissions prior to that of any federal or state requirements. The “Ports & Their Greening” Panel will explore the current developments and future challenges that the Ports will face as the demand for international imports and exports continues to grow. The panelists will also provide key insights into some programs and strategies that have turned the San Pedro Bay Ports into one of the greenest port complexes in the world.


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