Post-Lunch Plenary: Rethinking Utility Regulation to Get from Megawatts to Gigawatts

Susan Kennedy, Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Gray Davis
Bob Foster, Mayor, City of Long Beach; Chair, ISO Board of Governors
Michael Picker, Senior Advisor to the Governor for Renewable Energy Facilities, Office of Governor Jerry Brown
Carla Peterman, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
Robert Weisenmiller, Chair, California Energy Commission
Leslie Starck, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Policy and Affairs, Southern California Edison

This panel will focus on the following questions: How does California get to higher penetration of renewables in a post 33 percent world? What is the business model for electric utilities in a post 33 percent world? What policies are needed to pursue optimization of grid resources? What is the role of Demand Response in an optimized grid? What role does Energy Storage play in a post 33 percent grid?What would it take to make the next major leap in energy efficiency? What is the role and relationship of electric-vehicle infrastructure in optimization of the grid?


Monday Post Lunch Plenary