Sustainability Performance Reporting


Michael Wallace, Managing Director, BrownFlynn
Thomas Day Jr, Chief Sustainability Officer, United States Postal Service
Rick Cole, Deputy Mayor of Budget and Innovation, City of Los Angeles
Mark Callaway, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
James Stinson, Client Technical Professional of Financial Performance Management, IBM

The word sustainability is being used across all parts of the economy, from multinational corporations; to federal, state and local agencies; to industry and professional associations; to entire supply chains. This session will provide an overview of how major institutions are addressing their sustainability through the measurement, management, and disclosure of performance information. The session will also discuss how the financial markets are incentivizing sustainability performance and how technology is helping a wide range of entities collect and leverage this new type of performance information.


Sustaibility Performanc#955-VX