Sustainable Transportation: Trains, Buses and Fleets

Fiona Ma, Former Speaker Pro Tempore, California State Assembly
Edward Kjaer, Director, Plug In Electric Vehicle Readiness, Southern California Edison
Zev Yaroslavsky, Supervisor, 3rd District, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Stella Li, Senior Vice President, BYD
Denny Zane, Executive Director, Move LA
Cliff Gladstein, President, Gladstein, Neandross and Associates 
As California grows, it will become increasingly important that the transportation network is modernized to meet the public’s needs, as well as creating more sustainable methods of mobility in the face of climate change. In the attempt to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, how can cities transition away from car use toward public transit? In what ways will California's High Speed Rail plans and  the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s $30 billion investment in rapid buses and trains relieve the urban metropolis of traffic congestion and improve air quality? What can we expect from increased use of alternative fuels, be it natural gas or electrification, as we upgrade the transportation system locally, regionally and nationally? How will the reauthorization process of MAP-21, at a national level, impact mobility and air quality? How can we upgrade the commercial freight system to green heavy duty commercial trucks and help make our ports more sustainable?


Sustainable Transportation