(ULI 3) Space Changers: Transformational Corporate Offices - Free Address and Paperless

David Waite, Chair, Urban Land Institute-LA; Partner, Cox, Castle, Nicholson
Lew Horne, Executive Managing Director, CBRE
Steve Adams, PwC WorkPlace
Rob Jernigan, Managing Director/Principal, Gensler
Tony Lucente, Director, Business Transformation, Nissan Latin America

Untethered office spaces—workspaces with no assigned desks or cubicles—offer a host of benefits. They help foster efficient collaboration between teams, cut down on rent because spaces are used more resourcefully, and decrease paper use through mainly electronic communications. How does this new movement in office design require a shift in corporate office culture? What does a younger generation of workers look for in an office when evaluating professional opportunities? What challenges does a shift to flexible spaces entail, and what are effective ways to overcome them?


ULI 3 - Transformational Corporate Offices