VX2020: Green Hydrogen: Powering Cities & Vehicles

Green Hydrogen Energy: Powering Cities & Vehicles

Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics later this year, with its sights firmly on the being the first Hydrogen-powered games. Japan's transition to a hydrogen society has yet to catch on globally, but California's slow move towards a Hydrogen Highway continues into this decade. The Golden State spent more than $300 million in the past 10 years funding rebates for those who buy or lease hydrogen cars, constructing hydrogen refueling stations, cities who purchase hydrogen-powered transit buses, as well as subsidizing development of hydrogen-driven freight trucks. Will there be a sea change in 2020 to drive hydrogen fuel cell adoption? What role do fuel cells play in building resilient cities? 

Jim Kelly,
 Director, S&C Electric

Michelle Sim
, Commerical Business Development Manager, SoCalGas
Eiji Ohira, Director General, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Group, NEDO
Joe Cappello, Executive Officer, Iwatani
Jacquelyn Birdsall, Sr. Engineer, Toyota Motor
Janice Lin, Founder & President, Green Hydrogen Coalition


VX2020: Green Hydrogen Energy: Powering Cities & Vehicles

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