VX2022: With the Goal of Carbon Neutrality—The Role of Hydrogen & Renewable Natural Gas

With the Goal of Carbon Neutrality: The Role of Hydrogen & Renewable Natural Gas 

Moderator: Brian Goldstein, Executive Director, Energy Independence Now

Eiji Ohira Director General, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Group, Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Dennis McGinn, Admiral (ret) & Fmr. U.S. Assistant Secretary, US Navy/EPRI Board Member
Yuri Freedman, Senior Director of Business Development, SoCalGas

Countries around the world, particularly Japan and Canada, are embracing hydrogen and biomethane as fuel sources in their shift toward 100% clean energy. California, despite its reputation as a global leader on sustainable practices, appears, except for LADWP, to lag behind on its use of these energy resources. But some experts believe low and zero-carbon gas—green hydrogen, renewable natural gas and biomethane—must be part of an any fuel mix if the state is to successfully move toward a fully decarbonized energy system. Can hydrogen also be used as energy storage? How can organically-sourced biogas be captured and reused? What intersection does methane have with hydrogen energy delivery? What are the implications for job growth in California? Join this panel to learn more about how leaders are rethinking how hydrogen, biome thane, and renewable natural gas can be part of a sustainable energy system, utilizing the waste stream to marry sustainability goals for organic waste with our needs in power and transportation.


VX2022: With the Goal of Carbon Neutrality - The Role of Hydrogen & Renewable Natural Gas