VX2022: H2 Supertrack - Cost and Technology Breakthroughs

VerdeXchange H2 Super Track 

Joining VX for the first time, leadership from the newly inaugurated Japan Hydrogen Forum.  An industry working group of 18 major Japanese firms with US operations, and a keen focus on supporting the growth of a viable hydrogen energy sector.  Leadership will be discussing prospects for hydrogen energy collaboration and technology solutions in Japan, California and worldwide. 

: Cost & Technology Breakthroughs 

Moderator: Brian Goldstein, Executive Director, Energy Independence Now

Panel:Bryce Conacher, Director ESG & Business Development, Hydrogen Optimized 
Alex RafieeCEO and Co-Founder, Gemini Motors
Mark McGough, President & CEO, H2U



VX2022: Hydrogen Supertrack - Cost and Technology Breakthroughs