VX2022: If EV's Are the Future, Is the Grid Ready?


If EV's Are the Future, Is the Grid Ready?

Moderator: Gideon KracovGovernor’s Appointee, CARB

Minh LeGeneral Manager, LA County ISD
Siva Gunda, Vice Chair, California Energy Commission
Yamen Nanne, Power Engineering Manager, LADWP

Electrifying transportation and deploying zero emission cars is happening at an unprecedented scale. The City of LA recently adopted its Electric Vehicle Master Plan to map how the city will meet ambitious electrification goals. Will we see a SunShot-esque success story in EV charging infrastructure costs? Must California’s EV infrastructure need to be beyond anything we can imagine? The challenge: Metropoles like Los Angeles, which have high percentages of renters without the inherent ability to EV charge at home, will need to strategize how to sync the built environment, the future of the grid, and the massive energy transition to renewable fuels. Panelists will address the ongoing challenges of an electrified economy on the grid's capacity to handle the load. 


VX2022: If Evs are the Future, Is the Grid Ready?