VX2022: Rapid Urban Prototyping

Rapid Urban Prototyping

Architect Gerhard Mayer describes Rapid Urban Prototyping in an article for the journal Common Edge: “The current urban planning paradigm, with its painfully slow implementation cycles, can’t deliver the rapid change that the city needs. For L.A., the shared mutual understanding what a city is, and how it functions, needs to undergo a radical shift. And yet, a fundamental reset like this cannot be achieved in one singular adjustment. It can only be accomplished in many smaller steps, with each new iteration based on the results of the previous one.” Rapid Urban Prototyping is an iterative approach to Urban Planning and Development that often involves the techniques of “tactical urbanism” and “Quick Build Street Design.” How are major development projects in the cities of Inglewood and Culver City moving forward as swiftly as they are? And how can an organization such as the Southern California Association of Governments help cities prepare for this rapid development and the infrastructure that they require to support it? Our panelists will address and discuss these issues and the fundamental tensions and desires that underly the new development that we so urgently need here in Los Angeles. 

Moderator: Thomas Aujero Small, President & CEO, Culver City Forward


James T Butts, Mayor, City of Inglewood
Jenna Hornstock, Deputy Director of Planning for Landuse, Southern California Association of Governments
Alex Fisch, Council Member, Culver City Council
Vince Bertoni, Director of Planning, City of LA


VX2022: Rapid Urban Prototyping