VX2022: Water Technologies for Resilience in 2022 & Beyond

Energy/Water Technologies for Resilience

Moderator: John Withers, Board of Directors Member, Irvine Ranch Water District

Jairo Criollo, Co-Founder, Director of Business Development, Noria Energy
Barry Gluck, Head of Business Development for North America, Triple+

Pumping, treating, and distributing water accounts for a fifth of California’s electricity consumption, according to the California Energy Commission. For example, the Orange County Sanitation District treats 100 million wastewater flow each day in their plants, then the treated water gets piped up the Santa Ana River channel to be recharged in the groundwater basin. Extensive energy is consumed to complete this process. Panelists will discuss how the design, finance, installation and operation of the energy storage system provide a blueprint for other agencies to optimize financial savings and environmental benefits.


VX2022: Water Technologies for Resilience in 2022 & Beyond