Will Big Data Enable the Next Renewables Revolution?

Jim Kelly, Former Senior VP, Southern California Edison
Eliot Abel, Strategic Operations Manager, GE Renewable Energy
Jonathan Naimon, Founder and Managing Partner, LGA Asset Management
Richard Hammond, Senior Vice President, Government and Regulatory, GRIDiant
“Big Data” is all the rage right now, and there may be no sector in which more Big Data advertising dollars are being expended than energy. Everyone seems to want to play. One pundit said that soon, “everything will talk to everything, everywhere, all the time,” and the result would somehow be a better future for everyone. Can “Big Data”—fueled by the trio of super-fast computers, ubiquitous high-speed communication, and vast numbers of embedded sensing devices—really change the game for energy, especially for clean, renewable energy? Will consumers really care, and will it ultimately save us money or help improve our environment? Or is “Big Data” just “Big Business”?


Will Big Data Enable the Next Renewables Revolution