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Ron Nichols

“There is no better place than VerdeXchange to talk about energy challenges and opportunities in Southern California. At Southern California Edison, this conference is a major asset to future collaboration and cross-sector education.”

“I would argue that what happens after VX2017, with the contacts that you make is as valuable—maybe even more valuable—than what occurs in the rooms.”

The Port of Los Angeles has broken record after record in recent years, recently completing not only own busiest year, but the busiest year of any Western Hemisphere port in history. Executive Director Gene Seroka realizes that this immense goods-moving operation must be as clean as possible, and to that end, has overseen a variety of innovative initiatives around zero-emission equipment and data-driven routing, even incubating new cleantech at the port.

Jenna Hornstock

LA Metro's Jenna Hornstock (pictured) and Elizabeth Carvajal on how perimeter improvements at Union Station could open up L.A.'s central transit facility to the community and to the world stage.

Michael Kodama

Michael Kodama explains the West Santa Ana Branch Corridor "megaproject"—a proposed light rail connecting Downtown Los Angeles to Southeast L.A. County, which has endured the loss of manufacturing jobs alongside heavy industrial pollution and a dearth of mobility options.

Dan Richard

Dan Richard, chair of the California High-Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors, tells VX News how the evolving program is already stimulating investment despite the challenges ahead.