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Who Attends VX2016?


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What is VX2016?

VerdeXchange's 9th Annual Green Marketmaker's Conference
January 24-26, 2016

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“Cleaning up the air and addressing global climate is good for the economy, and attending VerdeXchange conferences is a chance to actually meet the people who are proving that is true.”

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“I would argue that what happens after VX2014, with the contacts that you make is as valuable—maybe even more valuable—than what occurs in the rooms.”

Submitted on January 1, 2015 - 1pm
Doug Suisman

"The 9th VerdeXchange was really one of the best conferences I have ever attended, because in two compact days it managed to give both the 30,000-foot perspective and the critical details about California’s green economy."

Submitted on January 18, 2016 - 6pm
Phil Washington

At the “Transit Oriented Los Angeles 2015” conference hosted by Urban Land Institute-LA in December, VerdeXchange Chairman David Abel moderated a discussion between California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Jeff Morales and Metro CEO Phil Washington. Washington and Morales both emphasized their focus on the positive impacts transit build-out can produce for the communities it touches, if approached with care—and the steps they are taking to meet local needs and incorporate community feedback into plans that are expected to yield a transformative impact on the Southern California region as well as the entire state. They also discussed both the agency and authority’s efforts to protect and bolster local business as rail construction occurs.

Submitted on January 18, 2016 - 5pm
Rick Cameron

The Coalition for Clean Air’s Port and Freight Solutions Symposium in October brought together over 100 port experts, environmental advocates, and government agencies concerned with improving air quality and efficiency through reducing greenhouse-gas emissions at the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. Here, VX News presents edited excerpts from a number of panels that took place at the conference. Featured speakers include: California Air Resources Board Commissioner Hector De La Torre, Port of Long Beach Director of Environmental Planning Rick Cameron, ILWU’s Peter Peyton, and SoCalGas Director of Policy and Environment George Minter. These selections highlight promising new technology that could dramatically reduce truck emissions, as well as new initiatives underway at the ports.

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