Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, UC President Janet Napolitano, CPUC President Michael Peevey, and CARB Chair Mary Nichols joined 600 global, national, and state renewable energy and finance entrepreneurs, water and transportation leaders, utility regulators and environmental stewards at the VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers Conference January 27-28 in Los Angeles.

Download the pdf (2.5 MB) of the advertisement, which features a partial list of conference speakers.

a quarterly journal featuring some of the speaker, issues, and news that drive the agenda of the VERDEXCHANGE annual conference (Jan. 4, 2011). VERDEXCHANGE News Winter 2011

VX2011 gave numerous Japanese companies a chance to share their clean and green products with the California and Los Angeles markets (Jan. 28, 2011).Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles

VX2011 panelists from utilities discussed the need for natural gas facilities to back up the intermittent power supply generated by renewable sources (Jan. 27, 2011).  GreetechMedia

VX2011's focus on renewables included expert testimony on the challenges of renewables integration ahead of aggressive renewable portfolio requirements (Jan. 28, 2011). GreenTechGrid  

Many Japanese companies, led by the Japanese Consulate General in Los Angeles, participated in VX2011, sharing ideas and energy for future clean tech partnerships (Jan. 31, 2011).UTB (VX2011 footage starts at 7:13)

A strong contingent of VX2011 attendees from utilities like Southern California Edison detailed the challenges and opportunities from building out a smart grid for the state's energy distribution infrastructure (Feb. 1, 2011)

An article detailing VX2011's focus on the moneymaking potential of California's climate change legislation (Feb. 1, 2011).GreenTechMedia

VX2011 closed with an announcement by Los Angeles-based Balqon Corporation of the sale of 300 electric drive systems to China-based Winston Global Energy (Jan. 26, 2011Sacramento Bee