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Dr. Arnoldo Matus Kramer

At VX2018, global resilience leaders convened to share their experiences dealing with 2017 events such as Hurricane Harvey and the Mexico City Earthquake.

Renata Simril

VX2018 and Urban Land Institute-LA's FutureBuild covered the transportation, development, and infrastructure investments in process to prepare for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Bob Foster

“I would argue that what happens after VerdeXchange, with the contacts, that you make is as valuable—maybe even more valuable—than what occurs in the rooms.”

Ron Nichols

“There is no better place than VerdeXchange to talk about energy challenges and opportunities in Southern California. At Southern California Edison, this conference is a major asset to future collaboration and cross-sector education.”

Robin Chase

At the ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, thought leaders discussed the role of the built environment in planning for disasters.

Tom Steyer

After the success of Measure M, Steyer believes Los Angeles can be a model for financing public transportation and by proving how cities can address housing, environmental, and infrastructure challenges.

Minh Le

Recently, NREL research showed the cost of solar power is under $1 per watt. Minh Le explains the importance of this price reduction to the global energy market.