"At no other conference that I have attended have I made more important contacts than at VerdeXchange. That is why JPL has been a sponsor of VerdeXchange." 

-Dean Wiberg, JPL Manager, Commercial Technology Partnerships Office


  • Connects the green dots for B2B market-makers to spur growth of the green economy
  • Offers information and a marketplace to learn of innovations, opportunities and public policies that are driving the trillion dollar global energy market
  • Spurs growth of clean and green technology markets via VX conferences and expos in the US and Canada

Cleantech is no longer a niche sector of the economy; it is fast becoming the very foundations of stable long-term growth and provides one of the largest market opportunities in history. Finding ways to shape markets and create value in sustainable practices, be it water use, clean energy, agriculture, or carbon reduction, is the central challenge of modern-day capitalism.

VERDEXCHANGE provides a forum to directly address that challenge through the growth of profitable business and the building of an international community of like-minded people shaping the green economy.

For the past six years, THE VERDEXCHANGE GREEN MARKETMAKERS CONFERENCE & EXPO has brought together "under one roof" the leading private and public marketmakers, thought leaders and business executives from all sectors of the economy – finance, energy, water, waste, transportation, consumer goods, mining, forestry, government, innovation centers, academia and more – to discuss the opportunities and challenges of creating sustainable economic growth and to meet the people that are leading this change.