Air Products' Hydrogen for Mobility Global Vice President to Discuss the Benefits of Hydrogen use at Sea Ports at the VerdeXchange VX2022 Marketmakers' Conference in Los Angeles on June 21

NASDAQ: Eric Guter, Global Vice President – Hydrogen for Mobility, took part in a panel discussion titled "Hydrogen at the Ports", discussing the potential use of clean hydrogen in port operations to fuel ships, trucks, forklifts and other equipment at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Complex and the environmental benefits that can be achieved. Guter's "Hydrogen at the Ports" session was the second in a series of five 30 minute panels on Hydrogen.

"Ports play a tremendously important role in our economy. More than 40 percent of all goods that are imported into the U.S. come through the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Complex," said Guter. "By replacing traditional fuels, such as diesel, with hydrogen, a port can significantly reduce the environmental impact of its operations. As the world's largest producer of hydrogen, Air Products has the expertise and experience needed to help the maritime industry speed the energy transition to create a more sustainable future."

Hydrogen is an important option for sustainable transportation and hydrogen fuel cells are gaining momentum as the technology of choice in heavy-duty applications due to the duty-cycles, especially in extreme climate conditions. Hydrogen as a transportation fuel most closely mirrors the traditional consumer transportation fuel experience. Air Products' technologies are used in over 1.5 million refuelings annually across 20 countries, with Air Products having been involved in more than 250 projects. With over 60 years of global hydrogen experience operating in over 50 countries, Air Products has the proven capability and know-how to make hydrogen through all available production methods and to distribute this increasingly important emission-free fuel safely, reliably, and economically.