“I think the quality of the content has really surpassed what most conferences have to offer. A lot of conferences are at a very basic level, assuming the audience is completely uneducated about the topic. This conference has functioned at a very high level. They know we can understand. I find that more valuable, and it gives us a better picture of how all the different industries or players are working, as opposed to an individual technology or an individual policy measure. It’s kind of a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening right now.”
— Robyn Beavers, Blueprint Power
“VerdeXchange has become the preeminent gathering place for the intersection of green jobs, green technology, green business.”
— Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles
“The hallmark of VerdeXchange is that it’s a global perspective. There is money to be made in protecting the environment, and VerdeXchange is a good place to find it.”
— Rick Cole, City Manager, City of Santa Monica
“This is my third VerdeXchange conference, and this has been the best VerdeXchange yet. For one that wants to learn from the decision makers and teach about what is happening at a local level, there is no better conference than VerdeXchange.”
— Irma Muñoz, Chair, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
“There is no better place than VerdeXchange to talk about energy challenges and opportunities in Southern California. At Southern California Edison, this conference is a major asset to future collaboration and cross-sector education.”
— Ron Nichols, President, Southern California Edison
“Here in LA County, we are trying to bring all of the splintered pieces together to move forward on water resiliency, reclaiming and reusing more water. VerdeXchange is valuable through bringing those leaders together.”
— Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Supervisor
“VerdeXchange highlights our great Quebec-California partnership on cap-and-trade, and shows the world that we have results on job development, reducing emissions, and adapting to climate impacts. There is great value to being able to have an event where we can show off the facts. ”
— David Heurtel, former Québec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change
“Everyone, whether you are in a red state or blue state, wants clean air and clean water. We have made huge advancements in the last 10 years, since the inception of VerdeXchange. Events like the VerdeXchange correctly state the facts about the growth of the new clean energy economy. ”
— Bob Wieckowski, California State Senator
“California's leadership on energy and environmental issues is very important, and some of the most important discussions happen here at VerdeXchange.”
— Kazuo Furukawa, Chairman, NEDO
“VerdeXchange is the central hub to learn about new companies, new products and new policies for the most pressing environmental and energy challenges.”
— Janea Scott, California Energy Commissioner
“The great value of VerdeXchange is that affords members of the public utilities commission an opportunity to sit down and talk with folks who are executives at utilities. I think it’s really important to be able to have a forum like VX2014 outside of the administrative hallways.”
— George Minter, Regional VP External Affairs & Environmental Strategy, Southern California Gas Company
“At VerdeXchange you really have a chance to hear people out in a public setting, as well as all the side conversations, both in the hallways, over meals.”
— Lauren Faber, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles
“Brazil's at VerdeXchange, Japan's here, China's here, Canada. It's a great, great opportunity to build those regional relationships, because the federal government is just nuts.”
— Bob Hertzberg, California State Senator
“Cleaning up the air and addressing global climate is good for the economy, and attending VerdeXchange conferences is a chance to actually meet the people who are proving that is true.”
— Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board
“VerdeXchange gathers the key leaders and policymakers in the environmental, financial, and clean technology world. Equally valuable to the panels and plenaries is the time spent in the hallway, catching up with the people that are making things happen in Los Angeles. ”
— Gary Gero, LA County Chief Sustainability Officer
“I think it’s valuable on one level to be inspired by all that’s going on. But on another, very practical level, there are people here who know what the cutting edge is. By investing a couple of days in seeing what the cutting edge is, you save yourself months, if not years, of wasted time being stuck wherever you were, fighting to get onto the cutting edge of each of these things, wanting more. Otherwise, people sort of labor in the knowledge they can amass, having to go in depth. No one can be an expert on all of the issues. Another thing that is particularly useful about this meeting is that it brings together a bunch of sectors that rarely come together in the same meeting for any time. Generally, government meets with the private sector in meetings, and it meets with environmentalists or community groups in another meeting; it rarely meets with investors. That same lack of connection all together in one place happens so frequently. What you see is people are having these funny, separate conversations, but they don’t actually understand the economics or they don’t understand the sincere community concerns or they don’t really understand the legitimate concerns of government. Just in the energy of the hallway conversation, let alone the panels, you have people from all of those sectors looking at the same issue. This is exactly what we need if we’re going to make progress.”
— Felicia Marcus, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board
“VerdeXchange Conferences offers attendees an opportunity to see things through other people’s lens.”
— Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President, Western States Petroleum Association
“For AECOM, we’re in most of the markets, from transportation facilities to the environment, and this event captures the issues in all our marketplaces. Green business is affecting all of our built and natural environments. Until now they were separated in stove pipes. What GreenXchange has done is to pull together all those issues and underscore it with what we’re going through now with financing and all of that. That may be the common thread. But before, they were separated. For example: transportation done in a green way; building LEED-certified in a green way; and building a highway with a context-sensitive design. What GreenXchange has done is pulled all those interests under one roof.”
— Jack Baylis, President and CEO, The Baylis Group
“At a pivotal point in electric vehicle charging industry, the opportunity to listen to the market-makers and policy leadership in California is valuable. California is ground zero for electric vehicles, and the policies that occur here tend to be the precedents for policies nationwide. VerdeXchange continues to raise the right issues at the right moment in human history. ”
— Colleen Quinn, Senior VP of Global Public Policy, ChargePoint
“It will require a partnership between the private and the public sector to accomplish the goals and visions of AB 32. I’m seeing a tremendous amount of business at this conference. We need California business to really step up to the plate. They are proving that when you put a cap on emissions, it sends a signal to the marketplace. I’m very excited to be here.”
— Fran Pavley, Former California State Senator
“VerdeXchange stands for sustainability, and our clients are focusing on sustainability not only for an environmental and governance perspective, but their ability to pay the benefits that have been promised. ”
— Allan Emkin, PCA Advisors
“VerdeXchange, on an annual basis, brings together some of the best minds, some of the best thinkers, the influencers in this space.”
— David Fransen, Former Consul General of Canada, Los Angeles
“Attendees of VerdeXchange over the last 10 years have turned an idea into an action.”
— Jim Wunderman, CEO, Bay Area Council
“The 9th VerdeXchange was really one of the best conferences I have ever attended, because in two compact days it managed to give both the 30,000 perspective and details on the ground of its given topic, California’s green economy. But it also provided a vivid panoramic snapshot of Southern California and Los Angeles: our projects, challenges, people, leadership. I was so encouraged by all the smart, articulate, and in many cases younger people who have moved into positions of responsibility. To be in a small room listening to the head of California high speed rail discuss with the head of LAX as to whether their goals were competitively at odds (they agreed they were not) was an exceptional opportunity for first-hand learning. I ran into many old friends, met very interesting new people, and came away with the feeling that in all respects, this is what conferences are about, and why we take the time to gather. ”
— Doug Suisman, Suisman Urban Design
“I would argue that what happens after the VerdeXchange Conference, with the contacts that you make is as valuable—maybe even more valuable—than what occurs in the rooms.”
— Bob Foster, Former Mayor, City of Long Beach
“I think VerdeXchange is playing a key role in helping to bridge those gaps between Brazil and Southern California in particular.”
— Tony Lucente, Director, Acceleration & Business Transformation, Nissan Latin America