VX2010 Program

Panel Videos From VX2010

VX2010 Panel: Biofuels And Energy Alternatives

VX2010: Biofuels and Energy Alternatives Panel from VerdeXchange on Vimeo.

VX2010 Panel: Energy Efficiency—Pathways To A Low Carbon Economy

VX2010 Panel: Energy Efficiency—Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy from VERDEXCHANGE on Vimeo.

Conference panels and plenary sessions will highlight current and future business opportunities, current and about-to-be in market products and services, public policy developments, and research on needed-in-market technologies that are driving climate change innovation, sustainable practice, and new investment.

VX2010 Panel Topics Included:

Accelerating Deployment Of Renewables: Wind, Solar Power, Biofuels, And Geothermal

  • Utility and emission regulations as drivers of technology innovation, efficiency, and sustainability
  • Transport technology (EV's and High Speed Rail) and GHG mandates: initiatives, emerging technologies, and procurement
  • Commercial technology opportunities in a carbon-constrained policy and regulatory environment
  • Monetizing carbon: measuring, managing, & capitalizing environmental performance & risk
  • Green collar jobs, workforce training, and state and regional economic development
  • Watts through the grid: transmission, reliability, smart grid, and storage
  • Clean cities initiatives: sustainable landuse planning, architecture, and green build innovations
  • Water resource conservation & management: recycle, reuse, desal, & water metering technologies
  • Finance and investment in renewables, cap & trade, federal/state/local stimulus
  • Foreign trade, direct investment, research, & tech transfer
  • Waste: waste to energy, e-waste, and recycling technologies
  • Green Building and Planning Fossil energy research and development

VX2010 Luncheon Plenary: Climate Change Market Regulation In 2010: What Is Success?

VX2010: Climate Change Market Regulation in 2010: What is Success? from VerdeXchange on Vimeo.