Letter to VX2023 Participants


Dear VX2023 Conference Participants,
It’s clear to everyone attending this conference that fundamental changes and massive investments in energy are headed our way. For sixteen years, VerdeXchange has been bringing together policy experts, regulators, local governments, industry and market makers. Together we strip away the hype, look around corners and discuss a realistic sustainable future for water, clean energy and climate-friendly solutions. But what began as “climate change policy advocacy” has now clearly moved into the stage of carrying out projects on the ground, in the ports, on the highways -- and finding ways to overcome execution challenges.  As Chair of the California Energy Commission David  Hochschild noted last year, this is the period of The Great Implementation. This year that assessment is truer than ever.

The reasons are clear: The Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill. The Inflation Reduction Act. The Governor’s Zero Emission Vehicle EV Budget. One Water Solutions. The recent federal proposals for cleaner trucks, zero-emission cars and — just last week — regulations for carbon emissions from new and existing power stations. This all creates a market that is looking directly at the largest and fastest shift in energy production since the Industrial Revolution, a transition supported by hundreds of billions of dollars of federal, state, local and private funds. This is an investment scenario that by any standard is ‘growing rapidly’.

California is at the forefront of this shift. This conference provides insights into where California, the Pacific Rim, and forward-looking jurisdictions from around the world are working to maximize their investment in the rapidly growing multi-trillion dollar global green economy. VX2023’s array of 50+ panels and charrettes is designed to focus on current and promising market innovations and expanding markets in the context of this massive flood of funding for ‘green’ projects heading our way.

The subjects examined range from renewable energy and zero-emission and sustainable transportation solutions, to the energy grid, decarbonizing the built environment, and space-based earth imaging to help monitor methane and assure improved environmental compliance. You will be discussing the importance of ensuring the role of equity in investments, the role of green and blue hydrogen in the future transition, the impact of zero-waste and closed-loop recycling, next-gen heavy-duty trucks and fleets and increased ocean research and blue-tech innovation.

And -- despite the multiple atmospheric rivers this winter -- we are coming off the worst drought  in the history of the West. As a result, our Water Charette will examine a new vision for water in the West and especially, Southern California. This vision focuses on a One Water strategy and incorporates a more resilient water system to address a changing climate and tackle dwindling imported water supplies.

It’s a lot to cover in two days but we are no longer peering into the future. The future has caught up to us. We now need to share our knowledge, our thoughts and our commitment to ensure those ‘rapidly growing’ investments and the market they create moves us with all possible speed toward a shared goal of clean, equitable and sustainable energy and growth. Enjoy the Conference. 

David Abel

Chairman, VerdeXchange