Anthony Bruzzone

Associate Principal

Anthony Bruzzone is an Associate Principal in Arup’s San Francisco office, and is a transportation planner. His 35 years of experience includes transit service and operations planning, capital projects and airport experience. Tony’s most recent projects include a mix of transit capital projects, including busway planning, as well as supporting the on-going Bay Area Core Capacity program, which is investigating additional transit capacity in the heavily used San Francisco-Oakland corridor.  He was the project manager for a study to determine the feasibility of using solar power to operate BART rapid transit trains, and he also was the project manager for a study to identify conceptual plans – including subways – to improve LRT safety and reliability in San Francisco’s intensifying San Francisco State neighborhood.  Prior to working with Arup, Tony was AC Transit’s Manager of Service and Operations Planning where he coordinated day-to-day operations planning needs, coordinated and managed various bus corridor studies and was liaison for the $1 billion Transbay Terminal project.