Bernie Kotlier

Executive Director
Sustainable Energy Solutions, IBEW-NECA Labor Management Cooperation Committee, California and Nevada

Bernie Kotlier directs the development, promotion, and delivery of sustainable energy business development programs, education, and training for NECA contractors and IBEW electricians in California and Nevada including energy efficiency, photovoltaics, zero net energy buildings, energy storage + micro-grids, electric vehicles, and cyber-electric hard wired security. Bernie also works with regulatory agencies in California and Nevada: The Public Utilities Commission, the Air Resources Board, and the Energy Commission including membership on numerous advisory boards, panels, and advocacy coalitions. Most recently Bernie served as a member of the Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Advisory Group to CalEPA, and is currently chair of the Workforce and Communities Committee of Li-Bridge, a U.S. DoE initiative to scale up the American battery industry. He is a member of the board of directors of CalCharge, New Energy Nexus, NAATBatt, and the California Energy Alliance.