Brendan Mullins

Senior Associate

Brendan’s passion is combining research with project work. As an innovator, Brendan is leading a companywide research and development grant exploring how we can integrate virtual reality (VR) into our design practice. As an architect, he’s currently working on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, where Stantec is paving the way for advanced visualization, computational design, and advanced BIM workflows.

Working to marry his R&D and architectural project work, Brendan frequently uses VR on active projects. In the case of San Ysidro, Brendan used VR to share the design with our clients. On the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, he’s integrating VR into all phases of the project, including permitting and construction.

Apart from project and research work, Brendan regularly volunteers with ACE Mentoring, a free after-school program in which industry professionals teach high school students about the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.