Brian Maragno

Director-Electric Vehicle Marketing and Sales Strategy
Nissan North America

Brian is the Director of Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Sales, Marketing and Infrastructure business in the United States.  Having worked in the automotive industry for 17 years in a variety of sales operations and marketing functions, Brian leads a team focused on driving electric vehicle adoption by building customer awareness and delivering high quality electric vehicle products and services.  His first foray into electric vehicles starting in 2009 as Nissan’s EV sales operations program manager responsible for the US launch of the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market, 100% electric vehicle.  In this capacity, Brian led the development and deployment of the sales, service, and technical training requirements to sell and service EVs through Nissan’s 1,000+ US dealerships.  After the initial LEAF launch in 2010, Brian became the model line marketing manager for the LEAF, where he led Nissan’s marketing efforts to launch the first US built LEAF in 2013.  After 3 years managing Nissan’s business relationship with its largest dealer groups in the US, Brian returned to electric vehicles in 2016 to run Nissan’s electric vehicle and infrastructure marketing and sales operations.  Brian earned a Bachelor of Science from LaSalle University and is a graduate of Nissan’s Executive Leadership Program from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management.