Christian Riber

Business Development Manager

Having managed several waste-to-energy (WtE) projects all over Europe, Christian has extensive experience in most phases in WtE projects ranging from feasibility studies, technical design, project definition, quality management to operation and maintenance assistance.

With a background in academia, he has in-depth insights into the overall aspects of waste incineration, waste analysis and life-cycle- assessments (LCA). Christian holds a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark where he also conducted research at the Institute of Environment & Resources, which is internationally renowned for its landmark research in LCA modelling of waste management systems.

Having published several papers on air pollution controls, environmental assessment of waste incineration and analysis of waste characterisations, Christian has a highly developed understanding of LCA modelling of waste systems and has also developed scientific methods for fuel analysis of waste and biomass.

Providing expert advice to various public and private waste management companies, Christian has demonstrated an outstanding set of managerial capabilities and technical know-how.

Christian’s experience also extends to administrating waste management contracts, bidding support to waste management companies, purchasing complete WtE facilities, bidding for 25 years design-build-operate, liaising with authorities, tendering documents, leading regulatory efforts and assisting with the operation and maintenance of facilities.