Douglas Nordham

Energy Director

Mr. Nordham’s professional career has involved all phases of the management and growth of businesses in the distributed generation, microgrid, demand response, energy storage, and electric utility industries. With more than 40 years of hands-on experience in both the public and private sectors, he has directed operations for a local division of a $2 billion international energy company and supported more than a dozen electric utility distributed energy and microgrid programs. Mr. Nordham was president of two energy services companies that were specifically formed to assist clients in reducing energy costs and creating distributed power generation-based revenue streams.

Doug is currently the Project Director for John Wayne Airport’s (JWA) upgrade of their 7-MW cogeneration system and Central Utility Plant (CUP). This project involves energy engineering and business consulting services related to improving and optimizing the operations/functionality of the existing CUP serving the airport, and includes the addition of a 2.4-MW solar PV and 8-MWh battery storage system, which will be the largest solar/battery enabled airport microgrid in the U.S.

Mr. Nordham is also the Project Director for a $1.5 million California Energy Commission EPIC Grant to evaluate the feasibility of a multi-user microgrid for the City of Santa Monica. The intent of the project is to integrate a localized energy grid (microgrid) consisting of onsite renewable generation and energy storage based at the City Yards and surrounding community.