Ed Newton

Gas Engineering Programs Manager
SoCal Gas

Ed Newton has been with SoCal Gas for over 21 years, first serving as a Research & Materials Manager for 19 years, and currently serving as the Gas Engineering Programs Manager. In May 2022 at the American Gas Association Ops conference, the John B. McGowan Research Award (sponsored by Hubbell/GasBreaker) was presented to Ed Newton of SoCalGas; a long-time member and contributor to NYSEARCH. Ed is being recognized for his dedication and leadership on research and demonstration of technologies to provide an aerial leak mapping solution in populated distribution service areas, covering 3,500 miles of main and service in Southern California. Ed has also conducted extensive research to map methane emissions in four California cities within the SoCal Gas service territory. His paper was published in 2014 in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund and Colorado State University.