Gordon Feller

Board Member; Global Fellow: The Smithsonian
IP KEYS Corp/The Smithsonian
Gordon Feller has worked for more than four decades at the intersection of environmental change, global security, and technology innovation. His aim has always been to accelerate the emergence of tools and systems that strengthen our communities and enhance their sustainability.
Upon arriving in Silicon Valley in 1983 he began to work inside the executive suite, developing projects for corporate giants which aimed to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Current and past clients include World Bank, EY, S&P, Deloitte, McGraw-Hill, HP, IHS Markit, Parsons, MIT, Gannett, World Economic Forum, Ford Motor Co. Toyota, Stanford University, Univ. of Calif., IBM, The Financial Times of London, The Economist Group, Apple, International Telecommunications Union, International Standards Organization, Chevron, Bechtel, Lockheed, The Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, UN, numerous national governments (Germany, Canada, US), ThomsonReuters, and many others.
From 2010 to 2017, he served as Director of Urban Innovation at Cisco Systems HQ. He founded Meeting of the Minds in the 1990s, stitching together a global leadership network which focused on transitions and transformations, and during its first 8 years it was based inside World Bank headquarters. Gordon was appointed by the Obama/Biden White House to serve on the US Federal Comm. established by The US Congress, reporting to the US Sect. of Energy.
Gordon’s first published article was published in 1979. Since then he’s published more than 450 articles. While completing multiple degrees at Columbia University Gordon served as a Wallach Fellow of World Order Studies, a Dean’s Fellow, and a Gov. Lehman Fellow. He was later awarded the Prime Minister Abe Fellowship by Japan.