Heather Arias

Transportation and Toxics Division Chief
California Air Resources Board

Heather Arias has nearly twenty years of experience at the California Air Resources Board (CARB), most recently as the Chief of the Transportation and Toxics Division.   In her current capacity she oversees regulatory and non-regulatory activities to: reduce air toxics, criteria air pollution, and greenhouse gases from freight transportation (including implementation of existing  rules, development of new rules and plans, and administration of incentive programs); characterize the health risk from toxic air contaminants; and develop and implement regulatory measures and other programs to cut the localized health risk from air toxics emitted by stationary sources.   Her previous experience at CARB includes overseeing the policy development of the Community Air Protection Blueprint in the Office of Community Air Protection.  In addition, she oversaw the development and implementation of CARB’s portion of Governor Brown’s California Sustainable Freight Action Plan and the Sustainable Freight Pathways to Zero and Near-Zero Emissions Discussion Document. Heather has also served as Deputy Director in the Legislative Office, managed implementation and audits for various incentive programs, developed regulations, and worked on State Implementation Plans.